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Although the historical character of the buildings prevents, in some cases, the total removal of architectural barriers, the museums work to ensure access to their historical and artistic heritage by the widest possible public.
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Educational tours and workshops for schools of all levels and for non-school groups are available by appointment. Educational visits to the collection and to the exhibitions can be conducted in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.
For information call 0606008 every day from from 9.00 to 19.00.
Guided tours are organised both during regular and special museum openings.
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The Charter contains the main principles, the description of the services available in the Network, the list of the Museums with the main information (address, website, telephone, opening hours, ticket prices, services available at the museum, access for disabled people), the role of the Manager and the index matrix for the validation of the standards. The objectives of the document are the publicity of the services provided by the Managing Company, the transparency in the relationship between the Network and the users, the qualification of the services offered. Moreover, the Managing Company aims at satisfying the needs of the users by identifying the most suitable actions in order to constantly meet new and different requirements.
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- Taking photographs with flash or tripods. In the case of exhibitions it is not possible to take photographs;
- use video cameras;
- to enter with bulky bags or backpacks;
- enter with umbrellas;
- bring in pets, except for small dogs in carriers;
- consume food and drink;
- smoking.