Caucasian Elm (Zelkova carpinifolia)

ZELKOVA CRENATA (Zelkova carpinifolia)

Zelkova carpinifolia

It is a tree, high up to 30 m, with smooth and short trunk and numerous erect branches that depart from a common starting point.
The leaves are ovoid, roughly toothed on the edges.
In the months of March and April produces flowers of greenish-yellowish color.
The fruit is a small nut of 5-6 mm in diameter.

Very common in Italy during Pleistocene, it now lives in the Caucasian region.



The hall

Giardino del museo

The garden of the museum is not born by chance. It wants to give a suggestion. The walk that crosses recalls the path of a river and, on its "banks", there are some plants that existed already in Pleistocene. Almost all are still part of Mediterranean and temperate environments that characterize the Italian peninsula.