Holm Oak

LECCIO (Quercus ilex)

Quercus ilex

It is an evergreen tree with dark green oval foliage; tall up to 25-30 meters, it is very longeval, reaching even a thousand years of age.
The trunk is rarely straight. The bark is dark, almost blackish.
Leaves are hard and coriaceous.
It produces yellowish or greenish inflorescences.
The fruits are single acorns, dark brown when ripe. They mature in the same year of flowering, in autumn.

The hall

Giardino del museo

The garden of the museum is not born by chance. It wants to give a suggestion. The walk that crosses recalls the path of a river and, on its "banks", there are some plants that existed already in Pleistocene. Almost all are still part of Mediterranean and temperate environments that characterize the Italian peninsula.