Wild Boar

Cinghiale (Sus scrofa)
Reconstructive drawing (T. D’Este)

Sus scrofa

Quite similar to the domestic pig, It is still widely spread in Europe and Asia. It is sturdy, with the hair consisting of long and hard bristles generally of black color. It has very developed smell and hearing, that it make use to look for food and to feel the danger.

It lives in the forests and in the bush, where he builds its muddy burrow, usually sheltered by a dense scrub, digging it into the ground. It appears in Europe about 800,000 years ago, with a subspecies of great size (Sus scrofa priscus). It is fairly common in middle and upper Pleistocene deposits.

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Sala Espositiva

Inside the showcases located in the exhibition room, some of the more than 2000 fossil remains, found during excavation and representing the identified species, were placed.

Fossil remains of Zelkova crenata, Tree of Judah and Laurel was discovered in the deposit. Fossil remains of Zelkova leaves are exposed.